Recommendations for Use with Fat Transfer Surgery

EVE RHEA can improve the results of fat transfer surgery to the breasts by creating a more favorable environment for cells to grow and survive. It achieves this primarily by creating space.

If you plan to use EVE RHEA with fat transfer surgery, it is recommended to inform your provider of your plans to use the device and have them contact us for questions and concerns.

Device Recommendations:

  1. Adaptation period: Before surgery, start on a comfortable low power (level 1-3) and use for 1 hour/day for 1 week to adapt to the device.
  2. Before surgery, use for 2-3 weeks for 1-3 hours/day at a high level (4-5).
  3. Immediately following surgery, use for 2 weeks at level 2-3 for 1 hour/day.